Sign Repair

Most modern-day signage is very durable, needing little in the way of repairs. However, older signs often need upkeep to insure they stay reliable as a marketing tool. The most common signs needing service are the older back-lit display signs that are constructed using neon lighting. These need frequent maintenance, and business owners often opt to change out the older lighting method for the newer LED lighting, which is more reliable and resistant to longevity damage.

Signs can sometimes be an expensive venture, especially the signs that identify a name and location to the public. They are illuminated and large and made of durable exterior worthy materials. However, over time signs can lose their brilliance from sun exposure, water damage, wind damage, and aging of wiring and other components. That is why our team provides sign repair services!

Some of the repair options we offer include:

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Sign Face Replacement
  • Color Upgrades
  • Installation Updates

Offering Quality Solutions

We have one of the best professional sign staff in the industry, and we strive to provide our clients with a superior standard of service that exceeds expectations. We guarantee that your sign repairs will be fairly priced, done with the latest technology and techniques, and will sustain your sign investment as a high impact advertisement!

Are you interested in hearing more about the sign repair options we offer? Would you like a free consultation to learn what we can do for your signs specifically? Our team is on hand to provide the answers you want, and the solutions you need. Reach out today, and schedule a time to get together for your sign repair goals!

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